Building Resilience, one step at a time!

Carina McEvoy

Carina, therapist, author, former secondary school teacher and most importantly a mother to two beautiful girls, is on a mission to help kids & teens unleash their own inner power! She set up the Emotional Therapy Centre in 2018 to provide guidance to kids, teens and parents in a bid to help individuals unlock their own potential in dealing with overwhelming emotions, negative thoughts and unwanted behaviours. Carina believes that we all have the power within us to master anything!

How Carina Can Help You?

Carina believes in the power of knowledge therefore she can help you to create a better understanding of your emotions, thoughts and behaviours which is often the first step to making any positive changes within your life!

As a clinical hypnotherapist, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist Practitioner and a Neuro Linguistic Programming Master, Carina can help you on a logical cognitive level but also on a deeper subconscious emotional level. It is important to involve the subconscious as with 93% control of our mind, it is the true governing part of ourselves!

As a former anxiety and depression sufferer, Carina knows the techniques and skills that IF USED, can bring about a wonderful sense of resilience to life’s inevitable up’s and down’s!


Clinical Hypnotherapy

A very safe therapy bringing the busy conscious mind in to a wonderful state of natural relaxation, to allow the deeper subconscious mind to process healthy, positive changes.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Understanding and breaking the negative link between our unhelpful thoughts, emotions and unhelpful behaviour. Changing the thoughts will change the emotion which in turn will bring about a better, more helpful behaviour. Hence, breaking the unwanted cycle!


Neuro Linguistic Programming

Changing those negative thoughts, limiting language patterns and old unhelpful beliefs to bring about a happier, more confident self!

Work With Carina

Emotional Therapy Centre offers a range of services which all aim to help kids & teens explore, understand and manage their emotions in a healthy and safe way.