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My mission is to support children and adolescents, as they navigate through unhealthy and unhelpful negative emotions to a place of empowerment and stability. My focus is on strengthening constructive thoughts and bringing about emotional awareness and regulation. By developing life long practical, effective strategies and valuable skills for a healthy mind, the child/adolescent can move forward with their life, feeling safe and secure in their own competency to deal with life’s inevitable up’s and down’s.


Kids & Teens One 2 One Sessions

We offer Kids & teens One to One Sessions where upon together the client and therapist work through the clients needs using a range of therapeutic methods from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Mindfulness. The aim of therapy is to guide the child/teen to self-confidence in their own abilities to cope when life gets a bit bumpy, therefore developing a sense of resilience for life.




We offer workshops for teachers, parents and guardians to gain a better understanding of anxiety in children.

People who choose to these workshops will leave with a great deal of knowledge around anxiety and tips on how to manage it. You will be equipped with pro-active strategies that will go a long way to relieve an anxious mind and build resilience against anxiety.


Emotional Management
One of the main elements to the therapy sessions and education is learning how to regulate emotions. Life is inevitably full of ups and downs for everybody. The ups feel great and the emotions felt during these times are easy to feel and very comfortable for us. However, the emotion felt during the down times are not so comfortable. Especially when we have no idea how to deal with them. Sometimes, we try to deal with them in ways that really don’t benefit us and in fact can be quite harmful. The key to helping children and adolescents live a normal life, to endure the bad with the good, to develop into adults with a healthy attitude is to help them manage these negative emotions! Once we know what we are feeling, that it is okay to feel it and how to let it pass then we don’t become stuck in them.
Restoring Your Confidense
Guiding the child/teen to self-confidence in their own abilities to cope when life gets a bit bumpy.
You will be equipped with pro-active strategies that will go a long way to relieve an anxious mind and build resilience against anxiety.

Where the parent fits into it …

I work with the parents in order to achieve a positive and healthy outcome for the child/teen. The parent is involved in the process completely and take an active role in the child/teens approach and management of their issues. The parent will see or be fully informed of the techniques used so that they can continue with such practices at home. The way we see it is, 10% of the work is carried out during a session and 90% is carried out at home with the child/teen and their parents. It is a whole family approach, whereby everyone must all come together to share the same objectives of what it is they want to achieve and how they will achieve them. Watching your child carry the burden of anxiety, anger, fear etc also brings about very stressful feelings for the parent also which are taken into consideration. Moving forward therefore is a group effort within the entire family, whereby the entire family reap the benefits.

Therapeutic Processes include


A very safe and natural state of mind whereby the busy conscious mind is quietened via relaxation, to allow the deeper subconscious mind to process positive changes.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

A process of programming our mind through the use of our language and communication. Through reframing our focus we can re-route our neurological pathways from unhealthy thinking patterns to newer healthy more beneficial thinking patterns.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

In CBT we work under the premise that how we feel is directly related to how we think and how we behave. They are all linked and the idea of CBT is to break the link, break the vicious circle, to gain healthier, more realistic and beneficial thoughts which will in turn lead to better feelings and more beneficial behaviour. Part of CBT however maybe to challenge the behaviour also in order to challenge the unhealthy thinking patterns.


Mindfulness is such a valuable tool to use to reduce stress and anxiety. Even without stress and anxiety in mind, mindfulness is a very simple yet effective practice that can enhance anyone’s day-to-day living. To explain it in very basic terms, mindfulness is the act of living in the moment, without judgment or trying to change it. It’s about simply experiencing the here and now. For anxiety sufferers, practicing mindfulness can really help calm their ‘what if’ thoughts!

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Carina, a former teacher & author of ‘Sometimes I worry … how about you?’ plus its parent support book ‘Sometimes my child worries … what do I do?’ is on a mission to help kids & teens unleash their own inner power!

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Client Testimonials

I thoroughly enjoyed your class and think that what you covered and the tips are fantastic but most of all very practical to incorporate into everyday life with an anxious child. I feel much stronger in myself to cope with the anxiety that I was on the right path and not doing things the wrong way. I think as a parent we always question ourselves but I believe from life experience that questioning ourselves is a good positive tool in seeking out can we do something better. I feel empowered now from your classes and feel I have learnt so much. Thank you so much for sharing your vast knowledge and most of all your real life experiences with us. From the bottom of my heart thank you. You are fantastic!! Trish