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Carina McEvoy

Carina, therapist, author of ‘Sometimes I worry … how about you?’ plus its parent support book ‘Sometimes my child worries … what do I do?’ and former teacher, is on a mission to help kids & teens unleash their own inner power! One of her main aims is also to guide parents as they help their little ones unleash this amazing inner power & resilience also. Carina set up the Emotional Therapy Centre in 2018 to provide guidance to kids, teens and parents in a bid to help individuals unlock their own potential in dealing with emotions, thoughts and unwanted behaviours. Carina believes that we all have the power within us to master anything!

How May I Help You?

Therapy is offered in a number of ways which extend beyond the reach of the kids & teens however, to their parents and families as a whole. The aim is also to guide the individual and the family to a place where they have gained all the information, techniques and skills needed to overcome life’s obstacles at any time in life. Combating unhealthy emotions and emotional responses to situations. 


Kids and Teens One 2 One

Kids and Teens One 2 One Sessions provide a relaxed, easy going atmosphere where emotions can be explored, understood and managed in a healthy and beneficial way.


Primary school children

This workshop helps children discover that they already have everything they need within them to survive life's obstacles!


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Work With Me

Emotional Therapy Centre offers a range of services which all aim to help kids & teens explore, understand and manage their emotions in a healthy and safe way.

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