Carina lives in Wexford with her husband Brian and two children. During her career break from secondary school teaching, she self-published her debut novel To Have, Not Hold in 2016, which received astonishing reviews. She was in the middle of writing the sequel to her novel when she felt compelled to stop and address a serious epidemic that is occurring worldwide right now. Children’s anxiety! This was something she struggled with as a child and as a parent she came head to head with it again when her own daughter displayed the same signs of anxiety. Carina became a qualified clinical hypnotherapist & psychotherapist while also teaching geography, C.S.P.E, S.P.H.E & business and used many techniques on helping her daughter manage her anxieties. The experience of helping her own daughter drove her desire to learn more about children’s psychological development and ways to help when they can’t seem to deal with their emotions. She is extremely proud of both her daughters and the confidence they have gained in their own abilities to manage their emotions and indeed life!

My Passion

Carina felt that it was important to put all of her knowledge around children’s anxiety into a set of books for both children and adults, to help both understand and manage anxiety better. She feels that children, parents, teachers and society even, needs answers NOW on how to deal with anxiety. With the mental health crisis we seem to have in Ireland alone, with thousands of children attending GP appointments weekly for ‘mental health’ reasons, we simply need to do something! Carina’s passion to help children and help parents comes from her own experience and her own knowledge of what happens when children’s anxiety goes unaddressed. She suffered severe mental health issues in her teens and early adult hood, while her parents done their best to support her in a society where mental health was not even dared mentioned. Carina is passionate about speaking out about her experiences because she believes that the more we hear, the more we talk and the more we talk, the less of a stigma mental health will be! She is now working with parents to help their children overcome anxiety issues.

My Credentials

BA Sociology, Geography and Economics

Higher diploma in Education

Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

QQI Level 6 Child Psychology

Practitioners Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Practitioners Course in Neuro Linguistic Programming

Let my experience help you …

How relieved do we feel in life when someone says ‘I know how you feel’?

How safe do we feel when someone says ‘I’ve been there too, you’re not alone’?

How normal and good does it feel when someone says ‘It’s okay to feel the way you do right now! And, when you are ready to let go of all that heaviness dragging you down, let me show you how…’

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