Sometimes I worry … how about you?





Sometimes I worry … how about you? is an age appropriate, solution focused and practical guide to helping a child manage their anxiety in a healthy and positive way. It aims to educate and empower a child around the issue of worry. They are introduced to Mo, a fictional character, and follow him as he learns how to overcome anxious moments and situations using the seventeen techniques set out clearly within the book. These techniques are based around Neurolinguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness, Mantra, Progressive Relaxation and Diaphragmatic breathing. The content in Sometimes I worry … how about you? is ideal for any age however the delivery of the material is geared towards children of pre-school and primary school going age. Along with the techniques, it is packed with visual images, blank spaces for the child to write/draw their own thoughts and resources such as the worry page. It’s an excellent book to have in any home or school.

Mo is interesting, fun and shows children how we can work through our emotions and thoughts to achieve a wonderful sense of confidence, capability and inner strength



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