Sometimes my child worries … what do I do?





This book is a support book to be used in conjunction with the children’s book Sometimes I worry….how about you?

The material contained in this book delves further into the world of children’s anxiety, resulting in a greater awareness and understanding of it by the adult. Therefore, acting as a valuable source of information around helping the child to manage their anxiety.  It looks at important topics like talking to your child about anxiety and being vigilant of their mental well-being. It discusses essential issues such as confidence building, resilience, the power of the imagination, choice and important life skills such as problem solving and planning to name but a few.

One of the overall aims of this support book however, is to act as a pro-active, strategic and pre-emptive aid to parents and guardian in managing children’s anxiety within the home. The ‘tricks’ taught by Mo, the lovable little anxious creature in the children’s book, are explained further with the adult in mind.


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