Parental Course

Parental Course to Understanding & Managing Children’s Anxiety.

This is a 6-week course whereby upon completion the parent/guardian will understand anxiety and gain the knowledge and confidence to take control over anxiety within their home. Children’s anxiety, with the right information and determination is manageable, therefore this course can act as a pre-emptive to anxiety growing into more complex issues. The knowledge and aids presented over the duration of the course, will not only improve the life of the child with anxiety, but the family as a whole also. The course is 18 hours long in total.

Course Objectives:

After this course you will be able to:
  • Know exactly what anxiety is – the science behind it.
  • Know how your child experiences anxiety in their body and displays it in their language and behaviour.
  • Know how we can limit this hyper-anxiety experienced today.
  • Help your child build resilience to last them a lifetime.
  • Know how to talk to your child about anxiety.
  • Develop the 3 most important messages your child can learn around security.
  • Communicate with your child on a greater level to achieve positive change.
  • Use the science of neuroplasticity to create positive changes.
  • Understand the Think, feel & do link.
  • Change your child’s unhelpful perspective and teach them child important life skills such as planning, problem solving, decision making.
  • Understand the exercise, water & food, food link.
  • Carry out a collection of therapeutic techniques to relieve your child’s anxiety. All techniques are taken from the children’s book ‘Sometimes I worry … how about you?
Where is this course available?

Currently this course is being held in Gorey Community School Adult Education. However, if you are interested in this course or having this course run in your area you can contact the Centre by email on the contacts page.