Primary School Children

Ready, Steady, Let Go Workshop

This workshop is an easy going ‘chat’ with the children all about ‘worries’, what they actually are and why they are good for us. The children learn first hand a set of practical and simple techniques to keep worries under control for those times when worries seem to take over. Apart from learning all about worries and how to manage them, the children gain a valuable sence of self confidence in their own abilities to manage their own ‘worries’. Every child already has everthing they need within them to navigate life’s inevitable obstacles. Sometimes, they just need a little help to realise that!

Workshop objectives:

After the workshop the child will be able to:
  • Know what worries are
  • Know why it is good to be able to feel worry
  • Understand what kind of things can make worry feel worse
  • Learn some cool tricks on how to stop our worries from taking control
  • Learn that we all have the power within us to be able to control our worries

Primary School Package: Ready, Steady, Let Go Workswhop

The aim of this package is to leave both children and teacher with a better understanding of anxiety and how to manage it. The pupils will learn and have the opportunity to practice a number of self calming techniques in order to manage not only their emotions, but also their anxious thoughts when they occur. These techniques can be used by the teacher also to help individual pupils or even as short techniques to practice with the class to reduce any anxiety within the classroom. Hence promoting better mental health, focus, attention and learning all round.

What is included:

  • 2 hr session with the class.
  • A copy of ‘Sometimes I worry … how about you?’ & ‘Sometimes my child worries … what do I do?’ for the classroom.
  • One to One advice for teacher on how to deal with anxiety – what to say and what not to say to an anxious child.
  • Teacher notes on the information/techniques discussed within the session.

Content covered:

  • What is worry/fear/nervousness?
  • Why it is good to feel all these things.
  • When & why worry becomes too much for us.
  • Understanding those weird and scary body sensations we get when we worry too much.
  • Can we manage our worries/fears/nervousness?
  • Yes, we can and here is how:
  • Tangled thoughts, feelings & actions & how to untangle them.
  • Belly breathing
  • The finger-tip tool to letting our emotions pass.
  • Thank you But I will be okay.
  • Challenging my actions step by step.
  • The Superhero Pose.