Parental Workshop

Parental Workshop on Understanding and Managing Children’s Anxiety.

This 4-hour workshop is tailored to those parents/guardians who cannot commit to the 6-week course, but still want to gain some valuable information around anxiety and how to combat its grip over the family home. People who choose to this workshop will leave with a great deal of knowledge around anxiety and tips on how to manage it. The tips are a collection of powerful therapeutic tools that you and your child can use pre, during and even after anxious events. They are simple pro-active strategies that will go a long way to relieve an anxious mind and build resilience against anxiety.

Plus, a discount for the 6-week course should they feel they want to learn more.

Workshop Objectives:

After this workshop you will be able to:
  • Know exactly what anxiety is – the science behind it.
  • Know how your child experiences anxiety in their body and displays it in their language and behaviour.
  • Know how we can limit this hyper-anxiety experienced today.
  • Know how to talk to your child about anxiety.
  • Carry out a collection of therapeutic techniques to relieve your child’s anxiety. All techniques are taken from the children’s book ‘Sometimes I worry … how about you?