I took part in Carina’s 6 week course. I found this course extremely informative and a real eye opener. I have learned so many strategies and techniques around this subject. I feel very confident in trying these at home. I would highly recommend this course for all parents. Carina is extremely thorough and explains it all in such an understanding way. Super course.

Sinead 6 Week course March 8, 2019

Carina, your course that I just completed was fantastic to say the least. Your information was invaluable to me and my family and people around me.

Ciara 6 Week course March 8, 2019

Great altogether! Your sense of humour and knowledge made this course really enjoyable whilst learning how to deal with childhood anxiety. Also great and powerful visual aids that can help with explaining this to the children. Even taught myself a few tricks that have helped me.

Roisin 6 Week course March 8, 2019

This course on childhood anxiety was most inspiring and it made sense. Carina McEvoy
presented the classes with clarity, good humour and proved herself a very good
listener. Highly recommended. The best class I ever took

Ray 6 Week course March 8, 2019

Powerful learning, enlightening, fantastic course. We got great thoughts on how to help
our children to be happy at school

Anon 6 Week course March 8, 2019

Excellent course, I really enjoyed it and got a lot of very important information for
myself and I will use it to help others improve their self-confidence

Edgar 6 Week course March 8, 2019

I did a six week course with Carina on Understanding and Managing Children’s
Anxiety and found it really informative and helpful. She’s an excellent

Catherine 6 week course March 8, 2019

I really enjoyed the course, it was very informative and interesting – great practical advice too. Carina made it very easy to understand in a relaxed atmosphere. I learnt so much and will use it in my own life for my family and work.’

Finola 6 week course March 8, 2019