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"Our parental talk was a major success, Carina is a natural speaker, she is captivating and the nicest person I have ever met! This has been the best eventwe have ever run .."
Limerick Talk
“XXX (Son) is really happy with his progress and is going around clicking his fingers the whole time #positivity lol. He is very impressed with your skills and told his brother that he wants to help people like himself when he is older like you. We cannot get over the change in him since Christmas and are so thankful to you for all your help.”
This book has been the best thing that has happened in our home this year. Not only does it help your child build up his confidence it gives him tricks to deal with his anxiety and explains it in a way he can understand. It also helps him see it’s not just him that this happens to.
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"I've seen big improvements within the past few days and she's (daughter) quite proud of herself as she spoke to three people today so I am delighted too!"
"I can definitely see more confidence in xxx she was so proud telling her dad all about her new button! We will definitely be booking more sessions with you."
“Hi Carina, xxx here, I couldn’t have done it without you, you’re the best and I got on great, lots of new friends can’t wait for tomorrow.”
First year student
“I hear Carina talk before and she really blew me away, she really engaged with the kids and had them in the palm of her hands.”
Primary School Principal
“My niece is doing so well, whatever you are doing, keep it up!”
This book helps you explain and deal with your child’s anxiety. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Our child read the Sometimes I worry how about you? along with us but this book gives you the tools to be able to talk to your child about his anxiety without the frustration lots of us feel because of the helplessness of the situation.
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